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created to share information on the ancestry & family history of the 4 Ohio HARN boys, pictured at right.

This site includes:

Harn Ancestry            Harn Genealogy


Hearn Ancestry          Hearn Genealogy

Davis Ancestry          Davis Genealogy

Duvall Ancestry          Duvall Genealogy

Baker Ancestry          Baker Genealogy

Israel Ancestry           Israel Genealogy

Dorsey Ancestry         Dorsey Genealogy

Leek Ancestry          Leek Genealogy

Douty Ancestry         Douty Genealogy

Spurrier Ancestry         Spurrier Genealogy

Reese Ancestry         Reese Genealogy

Yost Ancestry           Yost Genealogy

Wehinger Ancestry          Wehinger Genealogy

Neu Ancestry           Neu Genealogy


Gladwish Ancestry    Gladwish Genealogy


Kemp Ancestry         Kemp Genealogy

Golding Ancestry         Golding Genealogy

Phillips Ancestry         Phillips Genealogy

Schneider Ancestry          Schneider Genealogy

Smith Ancestry          Smith Genealogy

Nick Ancestry           Nick Genealogy


Fusaro Ancestry        Fusaro Genealogy


Simone Ancestry         Simone Genealogy

Bagnoli Ancestry         Bagnoli Genealogy

Meale Ancestry         Meale Genealogy


Bellucci Ancestry       Bellucci Genealogy


Ieno Ancestry         Ieno Genealogy

Pisarra Ancestry         Pisarra Genealogy

Liguori Ancestry          Liquori Genealogy

Stephen M., John P., David P. & Daniel T. HARN

about 1957 in Farmington, Michigan

 This site contains a 450-page book, written by John P. HARN (one of the 4 Ohio HARN boys) between 2006 and 2010. It is divided into sections following 4 main lines of descent: HARN, GLADWISH, FUSARO & BELLUCCI.

The data on this site is presented in a narrative format. The intention is to tell a story, rather than provide a database. You'll be able to find statistical data, but you will need to "mine" it from the narrative documents.

Some effort was made to include side branches of the family line but lack of attention to these side branches is clearly a weakness of this project. We are very willing to include your information on any of the surnames seen at left.

A click on the surname that interests you will lead you to a PDF version of the pages in the book corresponding to that name. Please feel free to print, save to disk, forward to others, etc. "We hereby delcare" that all information on this site is in the public domain.

If you have updates or corrections, please send us your information (in detail and with sources where avialable) and we will gladly find a way to include it. If you would like individual JPEGs of the images seen in the book, please contact us.

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Daniel T., John P., Stephen M. David P., Dorothy Fusaro & Paul H. HARN Jr.

1974 in Detroit, Michigan


Since much of the information available on this site was freely stolen from other researchers, it is our hope that you will feel free to download, copy, print, save to disk and email to others any and all files, images and text of interest to you. No permission is needed and no credit need be given (although citing your sources is highly recommended and would be a help to other researchers).

  It is our goal that this information survive for 100 years.   By saving and sharing our information, you could help us reach our goal.

Please contact us with your revisions, corrections, questions, clarifications, photos, speculations, etc.

We are ALWAYS happy to hear from our cousins....